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Bitcoin mixer for automatic cleaning of Bitcoins


Bitcoin mixer is a kind of application that allows people to get anonymous cryptocurrency by mixing their crypto with someone else’s and transferring it to their wallets so that the “trace of the transfer” is lost. Several varieties of crypto mixers are designed for different coins, not just Bitcoin and Ethereum. Let’s consider the best solution in the IT  marketplace. 

How does the Bitcoin blender work? 

For several years now, cryptocurrency mixers have been used by the majority of members of the crypto community. Users are concerned about the security of their funds, so they are trying to get once again to create an additional “line of defense” from people who might try to steal this crypt.

Automatic Bitcoin mixer breaks users’ coins into parts, mixes them, and sends them to clients. This procedure complicates blockchain analytics and makes it difficult to determine the real owner of bitcoins.

There are three main technologies for automatic coin cleaning:

  • classical. The mixer mixes users’ coins;
  • peer-to-peer. Users mix their bitcoins using the CoinJoin protocol;
  • stock exchange. The mixer accepts the user’s coins and sends him bitcoins from the wallets of exchange users.

Cleaning technology affects the size of commissions, work speed, cleaning quality, and the user’s risk of receiving dirty coins. 

Reasons to choose YoMix

YopMix is one of the most popular Bitcoin mixers with a good 100% automated crypto-algorithm. The service has an excellent selection of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, and Dash. The main advantage of the platform is the ability to make instant transfers. YoMix provides you with a mixing code that you can use to track your mixing progress. The code cannot be reused to avoid leaving traces. By the way, the service provides you with a letter of guarantee, so if you encounter any problems, you can contact customer service, prove your ownership of the BTC, and resolve your issue.

Marcos Omari
the authorMarcos Omari